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American Ingenuity Consulting LLC

Creating Profitable Strategic Business Growth & Change 

"The Business Growth Matrix"

Grow your business and manage

the changes needed.

The results you want:

-Get more growth for your business

-Stop throwing money at random ideas

-Reduce/eliminate bad investments

-Make acquisitions with confidence

-Transition through major changes

-Improve your products & services

Develop a plan to help make critical

decisions and remove risks.

Because you can:

-Remove guesswork

-Change subjective opinions into facts

-Simplify complex decisions

-Build confidence into your plan

-Create real world solutions

-Shift your time to business priorities

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Companies in Transition

Mergers & Acquisitions

-Compare Deals

-Prep for Sale

Sales & Market Growth

-Product Innovation

-Service Innovation

Organizational Changes

Capital Investments

AI Markets Served

-Acquisitions, Investments, Private Equity

-Consumer Products & Electronics

-Technology: Enterprise Platforms & Services

-Materials: Polymers/Alloys/Minerals

-Industrial Products and Services

-Business and Financial Services


-Aerospace Products and Services

-Military Products and Services

-Medical Devices

-Rail/Transit Transportation Services

**NEW** Non-profit & Healthcare Services