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Creating Profitable Strategic Business Growth & ChangeĀ 

The Better Strategic Business Consulting Choice

Business Planning for Growth

Before you choose AI as your strategic planning consulting partner, PLEASE first go to Google, type in "Commercialization" as an image search. There you will see why AI has the best comprehensive approach to convert your business ideas into profits. Quickly. Efficiently. And with far fewer headaches and surprises and restarts than any other approach offered. Everyone has a different concept, Google is littered with them. Just look at all the different models on Google Images! 

No one has developed a comprehensive approach like The Business Growth Matrix that uses a consistent "Process" that is Quantified with a "Score" that also takes into account Risks & Improvements of the Products or Services, the Organization of ALL Stakeholders, and the basis for Connections with the Marketplace.

Our Consulting Service is based on the discovery of the essential parameters of "What works" and "What doesn't work" in business. Vetted from 18 years of application and over 15,000 investigations of business growth. We then refined the consulting approach as a proprietary technology to guide and evaluate any growth or change effort. 

Product and Service Development

How is an assessment structured?

We use our proprietary IRA technology to generate a 9-part score of the critical risks facing your organic or acquisition growth project. The scores point to improvement and innovation opportunities. 

Every assessment is a customized application, but since we use the same strategic categories, we can make comparisons to prior efforts or other growth options. We work with client leadership to identify the highest priority needs and concerns. We choose from libraries of over 600 strategic factors that may apply to your business and industry. 

Our Comprehensive Process

  1.   Free Initial Consultation- Set executive scope under NDA for confidentiality.
  2.  Customized 9-point proposal- Addresses priority needs for growth, change or acquisition project
  3. IRA Project Configuration- Establish all Strategic measurements and resources
  4. Risk Assessment and Verification-Perform analysis and verification
  5.  Score Generation and 9-Part Report- Establish risk scores, Compare to prior projects or competing projects, Determine growth path with maximum Reward/Risk (Ie. The Strategic Plan).