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Attention... IT Buyers and Sellers!

Posted on September 9, 2016 at 2:20 PM

Attention IT Buyers and Sellers!

How do Buyers know which tech options are best for their company? There are so many considerations to sort through. Scalability, mobility, cloud migration, security, collaboration, compatibility, capital costs, operating costs, technical risks, pros and cons of tech maturity. It can really make your head spin!

How do Sellers justify expenses to buyers? Typically, by stating a value proposition. But the value proposition rarely goes beyond the IT related goals. Realistically, there are far greater positive and potentially negative ramifications to the larger business.

When these larger business pros and cons are not analyzed, the CIO can be missing opportunities to help the company grow. The CIO can also be missing critical issues that may directly cause harm to the business. That’s when CIO morphs into “Career Is Over”.

So what is a responsible CIO to do? The decisions are already complex. So how do you add in top level business considerations without muddying the waters? Use a process. Use a process that will quantify strategic business implications both positive and negative. The process for this is not unlike existing technical assessments that are routinely performed for technical implementation considerations. Except that the format and objectives are structured to address the top level business risks and opportunities.

Making the right decisions can change a career ending project into a significant prosperity event. You may even justify a larger budget if the benefits are there. After all, IT has to be a strategic asset.

Ingenuity Risk AssessmentTM is based on the “9 Pillars” of Business Strategy. No business risk or opportunity exists outside of the "9-Pillar" confines. A well-crafted strategy assessment can highlight fatal issues or great benefits to the top or bottom line of the business. The assessment can also include the typical technical factors required for a solid implementation program. Two birds, one stone.

The business strategy assessment also looks at far more than just “Value”, “Value” is only one of the 9 strategic pillars for business success. There are 8 other strategic measurements that need to be done to drive top and bottom line improvement.

The takeaways here are to:

1.) Integrate the needs of the IT group with the needs of the larger business with a comprehensive strategic assessment.

2.) Collaborate strategically with a process to drive growth and profits, this will propel your success.

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